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My Story

Where Creativity Comes From

There are designs, patterns, and organized chaos in all facets of life. As an artist, I don't consider myself to have a style, nor am I an expert in a particular medium, but I am addicted to creating, crafting, discovering, learning. I don’t know when I started investigating how the world works, because to me the questions are always there. (How does a hinge work? Where do pine cones come from? What’s holding up the stairs? How does water get in the ditches? How do they make puzzles?) I have come to believe the most important skills to practice are seeing, seeking, and trying.

I used to think clouds were white, but I began to SEE that they can be purple, blue, yellow, pink, orange and all shades in between. I am always SEEKING more answers because there are always more questions. And lastly, I keep TRYING new things, and old things in different ways, and things I don’t want to try. I give myself permission to be a beginner. I create for fun, but also to help others when I can, to escape from the world a bit, to solve problems, to better understand, and to learn new things.

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