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Knowledge & Competence

With years of experience in the fields of finance and design in various capacities, I have acquired an effective set of technical and professional skills. You’re invited to peruse the list of skills and expertise Kutiefly Designs can offer on your next project. The field of digital design is ever-evolving, so I am constantly learning new things, experimenting with different techniques, and always improving existing skills. Want to learn more? Get in touch.

Skills : Skills

Adobe Illustrator

This program can be used to draw logos, create vector drawings, and create images to be printed as banners, posters, invitations, etc.

Adobe Photoshop

This program can be used for simple edits to photos, double exposure images, and changing the formats and resolutions of pictures.

Procreate for IPad

This app is not vector-based, but can create png and jpg images. Possibilities are endless with the use of many different digital brushes, textures, and tools.

Microsoft Excel

This program can create professional tables, build databases specific to your business needs, self-calculating invoices, forms, etc.

Microsoft Word

This program can create and edit professional looking documents, as well as mail merges, forms, tables, invites, brochures, etc.

Google SketchUp

This program can create simple mock ups of buildings or other 3-dimensional objects, and create plans, sections, elevations, etc.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. I am a skilled illustrator with a background in calligraphy and the book arts. I have experience in many other crafting areas as well, including: jewelry, stationary design, quilting, painting, photography, and snowflake making.

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